The following brands are imported exclusively by Architetural Audio:  
    Amplifiers, Pre-amplifiers, Digital Sources and Phono Stages    
    Amplifiers, Pre-amplifiers, Digital Sources and Phono Stages, Cables and Accessories    
    Amplifiers, Pre-amplifiers and Digital Sources    
    Amplifiers, Pre-amplifiers and Phono Stages    
    Cables and power accessories    
    Turntables, tonearm and phono stage    
    Cartridges, tonearm and phono stage    
    USB interfaces and DAC    
    Tube amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, phono stages, step-up transformers, etc.    
    Solid-state amplifiers, cd transports, DAC, phono stage, turntable, cartridges, cables, etc.    
    Power outlets, distributors, cables, connectors, etc.    
    High performance digital media players.    
  In addition, Architectural Audio is the ONLY authorized installer of JBL SYNTHESIS, one of the best home theater systems (if not the best) on earth!  
  We also carry brands that are locally available like Harman Kardon, Denon, Onkyo, JBL, Sonus Faber, B&W, Polk Audio, Rega, Cayin, Sabre, etc.  
  It is also important to note that Architectural Audio has imported brands / items that are not available locally such as Quad ESL speakers, Klein Pre-amplifier, Shindo Amplifications and Turntable, etc. If you are interested in a specific item that is not available here in the country, please feel free to contact us to discuss whether we can be of an assistance to your intended purchase.  
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